1001VG Nominated for the Liebster Award!

by Michaela

1001 Voyages Gourmands has been nominated for Liebster Award! It is an online award that bloggers pass to other newbie bloggers in order to help readers find new things to read and connect with other bloggers. Once nominated for the Liebster Award, the nominated blogger answers 11 questions received from the nominating blogger and then he/she nominates 11 other new bloggers and give them 11 other questions to answer.


Having running this blog since almost one year, I still feel excited to have been found and nominated. This is why I would love to thank Miss Taste and Wine for her nomination (www.misstasteandwine.com) and I am answering her questions below:

What are the 3 countries you love best so far and why?

France and Spain because of their natural diversity, language and good food & wine, but also because they are easily accesible for me to go anytime. Peru for its cultural heritage, mysterious sites, landscapes and people.

What destination are you considering for your next trip and why?

Costa Rica because it is great for hiking in wonderful nature. South Moravia and its wines as part of my trip to my home country. And for sure a weekend in Barcelona or Madrid as it is our tradition to spend every year some quality sunny time in Spain. 

When travelling, do you usually rely on local friends or would like to have?

Depends on the place where I travel – if I have friends there, I am always happy to meet them. 

Do you know South Tyrol and would you consider as next trip destination?

I passed through several times when I used to live the in Czech Republic and we travelled to Croatia, Italy or Slovenia. But I definitely want to go for my next ski holidays to Italy, so why not South Tyrol – hopefully next year! 

What would be your last supper menu and why?

Hm, this is very difficult to answer – that would probably depend on my mood. It might be either stuffed aubergine, goat cheese salad or raclette, with a sweet dot such as tarte tatin or chocolate lava cake.

What are your 3 favourite drinks and why?

1. Tea – I drink at least 1 liter of tea a day. I just love green tea in the morning with my breakfast, mint tea after lunch, and even cammomile or rooibos after dinner.

2. Red wine such as Pinot Noir or Malbec – I love to drink wine together with good lunch or dinner. Pinot Noir or Malbec are my favourite types of red wine. 

3. Champagne (Brut) for special occasions. 

Do you prefer salty or sweet foods?

Again, that depends as I love chocolate as much as I love cheese or aubergine. I love sweet breakfast, salty food as main dish and again sweet food as dessert. 

What are the 3 restaurants/taverns you loved best so far and why?

There are many restaurants that I love and it is very difficult for me to compare and find the best ones. Here are 3 of the restaurants that I love:

1. Txapella, Barcelona, Spain – tapas bar that I love so much for their huge variety of delicious pintxos (tapas from the North of Spain) and good sangria. I go there every time when in Barcelona.

2. Radost FX, Prague, Czech Republic – they offer vaste range of vegetarian food that is loved by meatlovers too and last time I had a really good Malbec there. Besides the interior is very nice.

3. La Porte du Bengal, Brussels, Belgium – an Indian restaurant with a very friendly owner and delicious food, that is only a few steps from our home in Brussels.

Do you prefer having meals with your family, your partner or your friends?

Again, there is no preference from my side. I love having meals with friends as it is fun, I love having meals with my parter as it can be romantic and I also love having meals with my family as I do not get to see them often.

If invited at my place for dinner, what dishes would you like me to prepare for you? (I am a great Italian and South Tyrolean cooker)

Oh I love home made dinners! Especially from people who master their home cuisine! Either Melanzane Parmigiana or some good pasta with aubergine 🙂 

What’s your favourite post in my blog so far and why?

I loved your post about wrapping Christmas gifts as I love all kinds of crafts, but I guess I will need to wait another 10 months before trying it out (saved it on my Pinterest board though) 😉 


The blogs/bloggers I would like to nominate for the Award are:

1. John from wheelchairtravel.org

2. Katie from www.knowingkatie.com

3. Barbara from www.jet-settera.com

4. Chinni from tallboykarthik.com 

5. Andrew and Ryan from nomadnarrations.com

6. Melina from www.rosecaravan.com

7. Piia from tickettoadventures.wordpress.com

8. Babeta from babetaruns.com

9. Ashima from www.thelogicaltraveler.com

10. Sonja and Jerry from www.myhammocktime.com

11. Tanya from www.sweetpeaadventures.com


If you’d like to accept the Liebster Award, here are the next steps…

  • Accept the Award by leaving a comment under my post (here) or replying to this email

  • Follow your nominator (so me: you can like and subscribe my page/social profiles and follow me on bloglovin).

  • Publish a post (like this) including

1 – link to the blogger that nominated you (so, my homepage),

2 – the answer to the 11 questions below

3 – your 11 new nominees (of your choice, that have each fewer than 200 followers)

4 – your 11 new questions

  • Publish the Liebster badge on your website

  • Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated and provide them with your link to a post so that they can accept it

  • Send your nominator a link to your post so that she can learn more about you as well!


My 11 questions for the next nominees are:

1. Why did you start blogging ?

2. What inspired the name of your blog?

3. If you had to start blogging again from scratches, is there something you would do differently?

4. When travelling, which country surprised you the most in a positive way and why?

5. What was your worse travel experience?

6. Do you prefer to travel alone or with your friends/partner/family and why?

7. What countries do you plan to visit this year?

8. Have you ever lived abroad – if so, where and how long?

9. Have you ever been to Belgium – if so, where and what did you like / didn’t like? 

10. What are your 3 favourite meals?

11. Where in the world did you eat the best?


Can’t wait to read back from you! 🙂

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Ashima 20.2.2016 - 19:48

Thank you so much Michaela for the nomination….. I’ll take this forward 🙂


Barbara Szekeres 25.2.2016 - 11:29

Thank you for your nomination. I will respond to it now. Great to have learned about your travel experience.


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