Back Home in the Czech Republic, After a Year

by Michaela

After nearly a year, we could visit my home country in August. When I flew there with Adeline last year in September, I hadn’t imagined it wouldn’t be possible for us to come back for such a long time. However, circumstances wanted it and I made my longest time without being back home, not even for a while. Therefore we made our summer holidays in the Czech Republic slightly longer this year. We drove with a car, which gave us full flexibility as with flying these days, you never know.

With children, coming back home is different. It is not just seeing your family. It is also rewarding to see everybody enjoying the little one and vice versa, and letting my child slowly discover her partial Czech roots (I don’t know how much she was aware of everything but I do believe all the experience stays somewhere and will form her later on too).

And so we stayed home a lot, some days we let my parents babysit and went to Prague for a day and evening just as a couple. We went for tea degustation to Meetea, spent some time in book stores, had a tasty piece of cake or evening drink together or with my sister and her boyfriend. And sometimes we took her with us to the city – she loved to go by train and public transport in general! We went for an exhibition too, we took a funicular and visited a mirror maze on Petřín hill that was all fun!

Weekends we spent at the cottage where we enjoyed the real Czech summer – being a lot outside, reading, swimming, enjoying forest walks, making campfires, watching the stars, picking up flowers, observing grasshoppers… In the garden of my parents, there were blackberies, plums and peaches still on – we loved to pick them to eat them with yoghurt or porridge, my mum made a cake from it too, and sometimes my father got up early and brought us kolache’s from farmer’s market – that was so good… oh, take me back please!

We also spent 3 days in Moravia with Steven, which felt really good and refreshing! Just the two of us for 3 full days, first time ever since more than two years. Due to a traffic jam on the highway, we took side roads and decided ad hoc to stop in Telč, a town I have always dreamt about visiting, but haven’t made it before. This Unesco World Heritage site is pretty like a fairy tale, I tell you!

In Moravia we stayed in Starovice at Vrátil, in the middle of the wine region. The owners of the place we stayed in had quite good wine, but we also loved the Winery Václav in Hustopeče. We visited Brno again, then drove to Velké Bílovice (“coupe de coeur” in terms of high concentration of wine makers, nice people and cosiness, good to remember for next time or a tip for you!) and the last day, we had a stroll in Mikulov where we had one of  the cosiest moments at Café Bárta, tasting wines with amazing view.

And I also got to see my dear Mája and her sister, and make some pictures for her new project with children. It was a lovely afternoon in the nature with a picnic and a campfire. I wish these moments would last longer but at the end they are gone so fast which always makes me appreciate them more!

And of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take some pictures, which immortaliye our memories that can warm us the whole winter season…

Back Home in the Czech Republic, After a Year

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