Sunday 4 Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

by Michaela

S M O O T H I E eng

Sunday morning. It’s raining, my umbrella is broken since Friday when I struggled with some „light wind“, so I don’t feel like going to the market. Let’s look what do we have here. In the fruit basket I still have some winter fruits as bananas, oranges and kiwi. These are usual ingredients for my working morning smoothie, but today is Sunday so I want something special. What about fridge? There we go – strawberries and ginger… and maybe some almond milk!

PicMonkey CollageWell, the result is very tasty!


Sunday 4 Fruit Breakfast Smoothie
Serves 2
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Total Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 1 banana
  2. 1 kiwi
  3. 4 big strawberries
  4. Juice from 2 oranges
  5. Bit of minced ginger (1 cm)
  6. 100 ml almond milk
  1. Wash the strawberries, remove the stalk and throw them into the mixer. Peel the kiwi, and banana, cut them into pieces and throw into the mixer. Peel the ginger, grate it and add into the mixer. Pour in the orange juice and the almond milk and mix all together. Serve in the glasses and enjoy your Sunday!
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