Walk around Château Neercanne

by Michaela

This beautiful castle is situated on the Dutch-Belgian border, South from Maastricht and near the Belgian village of Kanne. It was built by the end of 17th century and it is the only terraced château in the Netherlands.

Château Neercanne is a great place for all those who fancy an elegant dining experience, with its gourmet restaurant offering a splendid view over the Jeker Valley. Their French-inspired cuisine celebrates seasonal produce coming mainly from their own garden or the surrounding forests. There is also l’Auberge where you can have an original lunchtime menu but reservation is needed. 

On a sunny September Sunday, we went for a walk here. We parked the car at the parking lot next to the castle, walked through the complex, starting at the entrance gate where we could already enjoy a great view over the valley, then we continued to the vegetable garden and then walked down the terraces to see the baroque garden below the castle. 

From there, we walked up to the forest and ended up down again in the Belgian village. After a coffee in a local brasserie, we hitted the walking path again, leading among fields and forests before we returned to the parking in the late afternoon. 

I will also mention that around the castle, there is a network of marl caves (typical for this region). Some are now used as a wine cellar and you can also enjoy a so-called Cave Lunch here. Near-by we found a former ultra-secret NATO cave where during the cold war, the Joint Operations Center was situated in order to monitor the danger from the “Eastern bloc”.

It was an afternoon well spent and I am already dreaming of coming back for a nice dinner one day. What about you, does Chateau Neercanne make you dream too and will you put it on your list when in Limburg? 

A walk around the Château NeercanneA walk around the Château Neercanne A walk around the Château Neercanne A walk around the Château Neercanne A walk around the Château Neercanne A walk around the Château Neercanne

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