Easter Postcard From Prague

by Michaela

This year I finally made it to Prague for Easter. Although I went to arrange something quickly, I really enjoyed this long weekend after the Brussels attacks and all the paralysation around. After 10 hours in a car (including 2 hours stucked in a traffic jam), all 4 Czechs in the car, we were so happy to be back in “our country”. As always, time in Prague is limited for everything I need to do and people to see, but there is always time for long walks in my city! And if I can combine this with seeing my friends, thats a win-win situation! Here are some pics from the Easter weekend in Prague.

Saturday was such a sunny day out there and many people had the same idea as us 🙂 The whole area of Prague Castle was crowded with people from all over the world wandering and taking selfies…




Golden Lane (Zlatá ulička) was open without any fee, which means fully crowded.



In the Castle area, Easter markets took place where people could get some Czech and Slovak traditional and hand-made Easter decoration, for example pomlázka (a stick made of young willow tree used every Easter Monday morning to whip girls and women so that they stay young all the year). 




The stands offered also some unhealthy Czech food such as Bramborák (salty potato pancake), Halušky (potato gnocchi with Bryndza cheese, sausage and cabbage) or Trdlo (sweet sugar cinnamon pastry).





I  discovered some good chocolate on the market: Pražská čokoláda (Prague Chocolate) and their delicious almonds in chocolate, covered with cinnamon, chilli, ginger, moringa or cacao. We then followed the path from the Castle to the shop in Nerudova street with better choice and there we tasted their hot chocolate which is a real chocolate sensation! Pure velvet good quality chocolate with cream that was not even running from my finger. What a pleasure! 


easter_postcard_from_prague_16We then took a walk from Nerudova street to Petřín. With the sun going down and the lights going on, it was a beautiful view of the city.



We stopped in the Magic Cave Gallery of certain artist called Reon. 3-floor villa was full of colorful and mysterious paintings and statues from his dreamed country Argondie. Gallery as such is a piece of art – it is made as a cave with stalactits and stalagnits made of plaster. In the ground floor, visitors can have a sangria or hot wine.







I love my weekends in Prague especially in the spring – everything is in bloom, days are longer and people in better mood. With traditional Easter celebration, Prague is a good option to spend a long Easter weekend. 


Where have you been this year for Easter?

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