Valentine’s Day in Paris

by Michaela

Paris for Valentine’s Day? I surprisingly answered to my boyfriend’s proposition. I do not like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as I find it very commercial. Besides, I hate to walk outside in cold weather. But on the other hand, we have never been to Paris together before and considering the fact of living ONLY 3 hours’ drive from this lovely city, this was an occasion to finally make a trip to Paris.

Valentýnská Paříž
Here are some few pictures I took during the trip. Oh my, what an atmosphere – you see couples in love of all age at every corner, it’s still cold, yes, but they don’t care, they walk around hand in hand, kissing each other, taking selfies in front of Louvre, Eiffel Tower…

Let’s have a short walk now and see what I had the chance to see again this time.

We started our walk at the Triumphal Arch reading all the places of Napoleon’s victory. Napoleon III. marked many places of interest in Paris, when he was in charge of redevelopment of the city in the second half of 19th century.

Walking down the Champs-Elysées, passing by La Durée, where people are queueing in order to get some of the most famous macaroons in the world. Seeing the queue, I didn‘t want to enter – anyway we have this boutique in Brussels too, so once I try them, I will post a review 😉


You can find colorful macaroons all around the city, not sure whether they are as good as the ones from La Durée, but they look delish too.

blog9 – kopie

We continued to Louvre, walking in the parks, but the nature is still sleeping…

Having a walk alongside the river and checking the antiquarian bookshops…

Hanging around the Notre Dame, Marolles, and then some quick shopping around Rue Rivoli (we didn’t buy anything though), close to which we booked a dinner in an Italian restaurant.  The owner was friendly and funny. But the food was nothing special – just pasta with artichoke without any special taste. But we enjoyed the wine quite a lot though!

After the romantic dinner, we decided to go for a romantic walk.

Blog – kopie

We finished at midnight under this tower (any idea what it is called?) 😉 Never in my entire life I have seen such a huge concentration of couples in love as here…

Sunday morning we went for a breakfast to the same place we went Saturday for lunch. Reason? Delicious food and cozy interior!! It is called Café Lacombe, and I really recommend it if you are around the Triumphal Arch and looking for breakfast or lunch or simply brunch. In the evenings they even do cocktails.

For Sunday, we planned to visit Mont Martre and Latin quarter. Montmartre was as always full of tourists, so we decided to get away quickly – we took some downhill streets that reminded us a cute village. 

blog2 – kopie

DSC_1092We arrived to this little square at Mont Martre, plenty of artists offer you a portrait or a painting here…


We met an old guy who was born there and he said that every day it is crowded and not only on weekends. He showed us this statue of a man passing through a wall (inspired by a book from Marcel Aimé).

Due to the bad weather we decided to take „bateau mouche“ and do a sightseeing tour on a boat – it’s a must! The boat stops on several places and the ticket is valid the whole day, so you can take your time.

Despite my dislike for Valentine’s Day, I really enjoyed that weekend.


What about you, have you visited any other city for Valentine’s Day? How was it?

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